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A little help can make a BIG difference

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Lend a hand



Make A difference

Become a steward 



Volunteering is a great way to provide a direct benefit to the Lake Fork Valley. We can always use a few extra hands maintaining trails, hosting events, and in the office. Have an idea for a volunteer activity? Drop us a message to see how we can work together! 

You can call it a donation...  Or you can consider it an investment. What is the return on you investment? Every dollar that comes in helps us to protect our clean water and clear skies on your behalf. From keeping the lights on to matching a grant, it all makes a difference!

For anyone who donates at least once a year, you can now join the LFVC Membership and become a Steward of the Lake Fork Valley. It's easy to do, has the biggest return on investment, and now comes with benefits such as special updates, early events registration, and discounts!

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